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  • Wi-Fi, Philanthropy, and Solar Power
    By Amy Mayer January 14, 2008 Wi-Fi plays a crucial philanthropic and educational role as Burning Man artists and organizers donate what could amount to millions of dollars in free electricity
  • WISP How to: Detect and Avoid Self-Inflicted Interference
    By Marlon Schafer July 1, 2008 We’ve all seen it. Well, we can’t actually *see* it. We certainly do see the results of it, though. It will wreck your network’s throughput,
  • Operators Wary of WiMax, Study Says
    By Vikki Lipset November 19, 2003 Many are calling WiMax the next big thing in wireless. Yet lost in the hype is the fact that fixed wireless operators have not yet
  • How to: Convert Wireless Routers into Access Points
    By Eric Geier June 25, 2009 Don’t throw out that old 802.11g gear just yet. Though 802.11n provides faster speeds and longer range, your legacy equipment can still serve a useful
  • T-Mobile Cut Price of Wi-Fi
    By Eric Griffith February 28, 2003 UPDATED: T-Mobile’s wireless networks in Starbucks Coffee shops and airport clubs will be cheaper after this weekend as the company cuts prices. T-Mobile Hotspot, the service
  • ReefEdge Lays Off Staff
    By Ed Sutherland November 24, 2004 The longtime player in the WLAN space is refocusing for the future, hoping to stay afloat in the ever-competitive industry. In an effort to stay
  • 802.11n: The Battle Begins
    By Eric Griffith July 12, 2004 This week in Portland, Oregon is the IEEE 802 Plenary Session, which includes a meeting of the 802.11 Working Group (WG) to define all the various
  • Mesh Networks: Disruptive Technology?
    January 25, 2002 Disruptive doesn’t imply bad in this case. Mesh networking is an adjunct technology that would only serve to increase the robustness of 802.11. Take a look at
  • Maximizing Wireless LAN Performance
    By Jim Geier December 20, 2002 As companies deploy higher performance wireless LANs to support enterprise applications, it becomes crucial to consider techniques that improve performance. Here’s what to consider when
  • Build a Secure Wireless Portal with Linux
    By Carla Schroder March 17, 2006 You might be offering free wireless network access with the best of intentions, but not everyone connecting can say the same. With Linux and the
  • So You Want to Be a Wireless ISP (WISP)?
    By Adam Stone February 01, 2002 This tutorial will give you an excellent perspective on just what it takes to roll-out WLAN services in your selected service area. So you want
  • 802.1X Port Access Control for WLANs
    By Lisa Phifer September 05, 2003 The essential ingredient to keeping out the Wi-Fi riff-raff is denying them physical access (and permitting access to authorized users). That’s where port access control
  • Microsoft MN-700 Wireless Base Station
    By Joseph Moran October 28, 2003Model: MN-700Price: $139 Pros: Content filtering controls, good g-mode performanceCons: No advanced WLAN configuration features; poor throughput with WPA enabled The MN-700 Wireless Base station, Microsoft’s new
  • Create Your Own Hotspot (Using DD-WRT) – Page 2
    By Aaron Weiss February 27, 2008 The simple hotspot: NoCatSplash When you enable and configure NoCatSplash, clients who connect to your wireless network will be redirected to a Web page you
  • Review: iPod touch 2nd Generation
    By Troy Dreier October 21, 2008 The newest version of the Wi-Fi-enabled iPod touch is billed as “the funnest iPod ever.” We can’t disagree. Related Articles Mr. Wi-Fi Goes to Washington?
  • The “Thin” Access Point Approach
    By Jim Geier February 26, 2004 Traditional wireless LANs make use of relatively intelligent access points. Learn the benefits of deploying a newer ‘thin’ access point approach. The access point (AP),
  • ZyXEL XtremeMIMO Wireless Broadband Router
    By Joseph Moran January 25, 2006 Model: X-550Price: $130 (ERP)Pros: Includes Windows Connect Now for easy setup; StreamEngine provides QoS for sensitive applications like VoIP; setup wizard supports WPA and WPA2
  • PRISMIQ MediaPlayer
    By Eric Griffith October 13, 2003Price: $249.95Pros: Support for DIVX, fast setup, support for 802.11g.Cons: Inscrutable and frequently crashing server software, boring UI, no local storage. Diskless media players are all
  • SecureMyWiFi
    By Joseph Moran June 02, 2005 As long as you have the right hardware, you can get extra security for your small office with this service for only a few cents
  • Wireless LAN Concepts CBT
    By Joseph Moran August 12, 2003 As any IT person will tell you, education is a critical component of the field, and becoming intimately familiar with new technologies often consumes a
  • Is Wi-Fi Roaming Really Seamless?
    By Jim Geier April 18, 2006 Wireless LANs are meant to provide roaming, and most expect it to be seamless. Here’s how it really impacts wireless applications. One extremely beneficial aspect
  • AiroPeek NX
    June 05, 2002 Capture and Decode: it’s not a cold war spy story. That’s what you get with Wildpackets’ AiroPeek NX, the best wireless protocol analyzer and security auditor we
  • Moteiv: Better than Fairy Dust
    By Gerry Blackwell June 25, 2007 This player in wireless sensor networks says it has the smallest sensor motes to date. Related Articles Dust Upgrades Sensor Software Perfecting Wireless Sensor Networks
  • Tools Simplify 802.11 Deployments
    By Jim Geier November 12, 2001 Proper site survey tools can be crucial when deploying anything other than the smallest WLAN. Knowing what those tools might include can save time and
  • A WiMax Update
    By Jeff Goldman June 07, 2004 There’s a new working group, new members of the forum — and some clarifications on the different markets for 802.16-based wireless. Last week, the WiMax Forum announced
  • EarthLink Spearheads Chicago ‘Digital Inclusion’ Project
    By Naomi Graychase March 15, 2007 The plan, which calls for PCs, printers and Wi-Fi in 17 city homeless shelters, probably won’t hurt the ISP’s chances at a citywide deployment. Thanks
  • Standard for Mobile WiMax Official
    By Eric Griffith December 08, 2005 UPDATED: The 802.16e specification for mobile wireless broadband is done, according to the IEEE — even before its predecessor (fixed 802.16-2004/WiMax) has a shipping product.
  • Municipal Wireless Goes Beyond Internet Access
    By Eric Griffith July 28, 2004 In the olden days of Wi-Fi — say, 18 months ago — wireless “clouds” deployed across an entire municipality were used for one thing only:
  • “Powering” the Wi-Fi at Capitol Hill
    By Ed Sutherland July 28, 2004 In a bit of technological time travel, two vendors are using Wi-Fi and power line devices to bring broadband Internet access to the oldest parts
  • Meraki Announces New Offerings
    By Naomi Graychase November 20, 2008 Meraki this week announced a new router/repeater that can plug into any wall socket to expand network coverage, along with new packages designed to get
  • Eye-Fi Announces New Version with Geotagging and Hotspot Access
    By Naomi Graychase May 12, 2008 Eye-Fi today announced that its new 2GB Eye-Fi Explore ($129) includes unlimited Wi-Fi-based geotagging compliments of Skyhook Wireless and one year of free hotspot access
  • Aerohive Announces New 802.11n Portfolio
    By Naomi Graychase April 21, 2008 Aerohive announced today three new enterprise-grade 802.11n access points, as well as enhancements to its existing portfolio. Related Articles A Mobile Companion Built for The
  • Aruba Buys Network Chemistry’s Wireless Security
    By Eric Griffith July 23, 2007 The deal should now be finalized: Aruba Networks QUOTE NASDAQ:ARUN is buying the entire line of wireless security products made by Network Chemistry. The latter plans to become
  • Skype vs. Every Other VoIP Provider
    By Joseph Moran February 12, 2008 Technology questions are inevitably lobbed my way when I attend family get-togethers, and the holiday that just passed was no exception. It seems that a
  • Sony Unplugs with Mylo Communicator
    By Wi-Fi Planet Staff August 09, 2006 Pocketable device is reminiscent of the PSP — but instead of games, it mobilizes IM, VoIP, e-mail and audio through Wi-Fi. Related Articles Wi-Fi
  • The Location-Aware SoC
    By Eric Griffith March 27, 2006 After two years in stealth mode, G2 Microsystems of Santa Clara, California is ready to make a splash in the world of location-aware wireless by providing low
  • Making Calls Via Boingo
    By Eric Griffith February 18, 2005 Three disparate companies coming together to make one service for public VoWi-Fi communications: that’s what’s happening in a new trial between hotspot aggregator Boingo Wireless, VoIP
  • Aiirmesh: Wi-Fi Cities Come Calling
    By Ed Sutherland October 29, 2004 Cities such as Philadelphia and San Francisco, which are investigating large-scale Wi-Fi deployments, have Aiirmesh Communications on speed-dial. Noted for using Wi-Fi to create a wireless mesh