Wi-Fi Planet Guide to Video Gaming Systems

By Wi-Fi Planet Staff

December 19, 2007

Looking to get your Wi-Fi game on? Whether you’re breaking in your shiny new Wii or kickin’ it old school with a GameCube, Xbox, or PS2, these seven must-read stories from our archives give you the 411 on getting your game system connected to your WLAN.

If you're wondering how you can connect your gaming system to your home wireless network, look no further. We've put together seven of our best tutorials, news stories, and reviews to help you get the lay of the land.


1. Wi-Fi Planet 2007 Holiday Gift Guide

Includes gifts for Wi-Fi-inclined gamers.


2. Understanding Wireless LAN Bridges

Want to build a bridge? First, get the scoop on WLAN bridge basics.


3. Linksys Wireless Ethernet Bridge

If you want to connect a video game console to a wireless network with a minimum of effort, a wireless Ethernet bridge like the Linksys Instant Wireless Ethernet Bridge WET11 is probably the quickest and easiest way to do it.


4. Wireless HD Gaming Over UWB

A bit of history on real-time wireless high-definition gaming.


5. Linksys Wireless-G Game Adapter

An old school solution made for the game console market specifically.


6. D-LinkAir Wireless Network 2.4GHz Ethernet-to-Wireless Bridge

Got a Nintendo GameCube, Microsoft Xbox, or Sony PlayStation 2? Then it has an Ethernet adapters built-in or available. The DWL-810 can help you to experience Internet-based multiplayer gaming without running cable.


7. The Wireless Powers of Wii

An introduction to the Wii’s wonderful Wi-Fi.

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