DD-WRT Tutorial 5: Wireless Repeater - Page 3

By Aaron Weiss

January 19, 2007

Advanced Repeating

If you’re feeling especially adventurous, it is possible to set up your repeater to dynamically repeat any open (unsecured) host AP in the vicinity. The primary application for this would be to use your repeater in an, ahem, mobile configuration.

Click on Wireless/Basic and set the SSID for the Physical Interface to blank. Now click Administration/Command and enter into the command field:

nvram set wl_ssid=""

Click Save Startup and restart the router. Now DD-WRT will behave as a promiscuous repeater, which will consort with the first open AP it finds. Also, “promiscuous repeater” makes a great band name.

For the especially sophisticated, you can download a DD-WRT script called AutoAP, which can dynamically detect and repeat an available AP with the strongest signal, and can even associate with secure APs if you provide a set of keys to choose from.

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