Getting Schooled on the BVS Yellowjacket 802.11b/g WLAN Tool - Page 2

By Mike Houghton

October 28, 2004

The Software Components
We were getting so much out of the class that we decided to eat our lunch in the training room so that we could continue our conversations. After lunch we tackled the Yellowjacket's software components.

We started with the Bird's Eye WLAN mapping software. This software package includes the Site Initiator, the Site Supervisor, and the Site Investigator.

The Bird's Eye Site Initiator application lets you import an image of a floor plan for the area to be surveyed—among other things. Fortunately we were able to obtain detailed images in.jpg format converted from AutoCAD floor plans of the areas in question.

The Site Supervisor lets you create the survey points over the site file that you create with the Site Initiator.

Finally we went into detail on the numerous functions of the Site Supervisor, which allows you to generate any number or reports based on the data acquired during the actual survey.

Once you've completed the survey of the area, the Bird's Eye renders a comprehensive and detailed spectral analysis layered right over your floor plan.

TIP :If a CAD-based floor plan is not available, simply take a snapshot of the emergency fire safety floor plan that by law should be hanging on the wall near all the exits. Using preferably a digital camera, zoom in on the image, snap your shot and import it right into the Yellowjacket's iPAQ and viola, instant professional floor plan to begin your survey.

Formal training on this device is by no means a prerequisite to its successful use in your organization. We found the tool to be quite intuitive, and it comes with a variety of instruction booklets and training CD's. However if your team is not experienced with the available tools in the WLAN arena then taking the course is highly recommended. There are simply too many little tricks of the trade an instructor can provide that you otherwise learn only through long experience. Some of this information is crucial to successfully integrating a WLAN. The opportunity to pick the brain of seasoned surveyor is well worth the investment and these guys have been in the business for a long time. In fact, Berkeley Varitronics Systems has been offering design and consulting services for the telecommunications industry for over 30 years.

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