Wireless Work: 50 Best iPhone Apps for Business

By Troy Dreier

May 06, 2009

The iPhone is becoming an ever more suitable tool for business users, even at the enterprise level. The App Store is full to the brim with useful productivity apps. We help you narrow the field by suggesting the 50 best.

The iPhone is becoming an ever more suitable tool for business users, even at the enterprise level. The App Store is full to the brim with useful productivity apps. We help you narrow the field by suggesting the 50 best.


Documents ($3.99): Edit and manage spreadsheets and text files both online and offline.

DocViewer ($3.99): This app uses FTP to download files from other iPhones or from remote FTP servers.

PDF Reader Pro ($.99): Upload PDF documents over Wi-Fi and view them in landscape mode.

Print & Share ($6.99): Print e-mails, attachments, files, photos, contacts, and Web pages with this simple app.

Quickoffice Mobile Office Suite ($19.99): True cut-and-paste editing with Microsoft Office Word and Excel docs. Also accesses files from MobileMe or networked computers.

ReaddleDocs ($9.99): Load documents from computers, Web sites, e-mail, and even other iPhones.

Information Management

Dow Jones: Sales Triggers (free): Get access to the latest business trigger events and look up companies and executives.

Epiphany Recorder ($2.99): This audio recorder offers a simple way to record moments that just happened. Tap the Remember That button and it saves the previous two minutes of audio.

eWallet ($9.99): Secure all your passwords and bank numbers with one trusty app.

FedEx Mobile (free): Get up-to-date shipping and tracking information, so you'll always know when your shipments have arrived.

iTalk Recorder Premium ($4.99): This voice recorder saves your notes and lets you transfer them to your computer over a WiFi connection.

iTrack ($.99): Track packages from multiple carriers, including FedEx, UPS, USPS, and DHL.

Keeper ($.99): Store all of your passwords, notes, and log-ins with one super-secure app.

mBox Fax & Voice (free): Stay in touch the old fashioned way. mBox is a virtual fax machine and answering service.

Napkin Genius ($1.99): When inspiration strikes, sketch out your great ideas on a virtual napkin.

Send Contact ($.99): Business cards are over; use this to send and receive contact details on your iPhone.

ShoveBox Mobile ($3.99): Use this app to catch and sort all the small scraps of information you can't immediately act on but don't want to forget.

Spell Checker ($1.99): Don't wonder if you're spelling something correctly, check it. This app checks spelling in five languages.

Tapes ($.99): For a low-tech feel, record voice notes on this app which looks like an old cassette tape player.

Todo List ($2.99): This simple to-do management app lets you quickly jot down things you need to accomplish, assign start and end dates, and set priorities.

vCard Mailer ($.99): Send contacts from your address book to any device that can read vCards.

Voice Broadcast (free): This clever app lets you send recorded voice messages to multiple recipients at once or at a future scheduled time.

Finance and expenses

Accept Credit Cards (free): Run credit card transactions directly from your iPhone with a Merchant Warehouse account.

BizExpense ($2.99): If you have trouble tracking and reporting your business expenses, this handy app can help.

Fresh Books (free): Track your time for projects and tasks, then keep notes on each entry.

iSpend ($9.99): A powerful yet easy-to-use expense log that lets you track business expenses as you incur them.

Money Agent Lite (free): Track what you take in and pay out each day.

Timewerks ($4.99): This time-tracking and invoicing app lets you keep track of your billable hours and send invoices from your iPhone.


i-Clickr PowerPoint Remote ($9.99): Control your PowerPoint presentations, including animations.

Keynote Remote ($.99): If you're using Apple Keynote for your presentations, this graphic presenter is a must.

Pointer Remote ($.99): This presenter works with both PowerPoint and Keynote, and shows notes so you can read along.

Staying in touch

Card Caller (free): If you depend on calling cards, this app will help you keep track of them and recharge them.

Cisco WebEx Meeting Center (free): Attend WebEx meetings on your iPhone and see all the action.

Easy Wi-Fi ($2.99): Log into Wi-Fi hotspots with ease and don't worry about remembering usernames and passwords.

FTP on the Go ($6.99): Log into your Web site to make changes or view files on your FTP server with this easy app. It even lets you download and view office documents.

Fuze Lite (free): Use Fuze to chat with your IM contacts and manage conference calls.

International Dialing Codes ($.99): Stay in touch with international colleagues with dialing prefixes for over 240 countries and 8,000 cities.

Remote Desktop Lite (free): Get access to an office PC running Windows XP Professional and view your data securely.

ZIP Finder (free): Learn the ZIP code for anyplace in the country in seconds.


ezShare ($4.99): Access files from your home and work computers, as well as MobileMe, iDisk, FTP servers, and even other iPhones running a WebDav server.

Folders ($1.99): Store, view, password protect, and even hide your documents with this app. Transfer files from any Wi-Fi network.

Mobile Studio ($1.99): This file manager lets you share files with your computer, then view and edit them (or create new ones) on the go.

OneDisk ($7.99): Access files from your MobileMe iDisk, save them, and e-mail them. Also connects to any WebDav-enabled online file storage.

WiFi HD ($1.99): Turn your iPhone into a wireless, mobile external hard drive using only a Wi-Fi connection.


AdelaVoice Voice Dialer ($4.99): Dial stored numbers simply by speaking the contact's name; a must for when you're driving.

FlightTrack ($4.99): Get real-time status information for flights around the world. Know your gate number and any delays before leaving home.

Gas Buddy ($2.99): The most comprehensive source of gas prices in North America, this app will tell you where to pay the least for a fill up.

MileBug ($3.99): Keep track of all the miles you drive for business. This app even lets you track mileage for multiple businesses.

MileBug (Lite) (free): This free version of MileBug is limited to ten trips, but includes all of the app's features.

Milog ($4.99): Keeping track of your miles is simple with Milog, which also tracks tolls and fees.

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