Review: TamoGraph Site Survey 2.0 - Page 4

By Lisa Phifer

February 14, 2011

TamoGraph Site Survey might be missing some high-end site survey features, but provides simplicity, flexibility and great reporting at a modest price.

Documenting TamoGraph's results

We found TamoGraph useful as an interactive tool -- for example, selecting different survey runs to spot changes, or choosing different visualizations to diagnose problem areas. But the end goal nearly any site survey is to produce a written report, documenting the site's projected or current performance and coverage.

Despite its price, TamoGraph can produce very professional-looking customizable reports, at both summary and detail levels (below). In fact, TamoGraph reports were cleaner and more comprehensive than reports we have generated using some far more expensive tools. Just select the plans, survey runs, APs, and visualizations to be included (overall or per-AP).

As we compared TamoGraph to other planner, survey, and performance measurement tools, its closest competitor seems to be comparably-priced VisiWave. At one third the cost, TamoGraph lacks advanced features commonly offered by enterprise-class tools - most notably, planner and spectrum analyzer integration. If we could add just one (big) feature to TamoGraph, it would be active survey support - especially for 802.11n where SNR is not a great proxy for throughput.

But TamoGraph does much more than basic freeware utilities like Ekahau Heatmapper; it has an entirely different focus than a basic on-line planner (e.g., Aerohive) or a performance assessment tool (e.g., Ekahau Mobile Site Survey).

Instead, TamoGraph does a bloat-free, professional job of meeting the in-situ RF measurement needs of that under-served "in between" market. To learn more, try TamoGraph for yourself - the 30-day trial limits each survey to 5 minutes and won't save results, but is otherwise fully-functional and is an easy way to see whether this tool meets your own needs.

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