A Simple Design Tweak Makes Wi-Fi Work Better: Gigabyte's GN-WBKG 802.11g USB Adapter Review - Page 3

By Christopher Saunders

December 21, 2005


Time to make sure the movable antenna really makes a difference. We tested the device using an AirPort Extreme 802.11g base station and a U.S. Robotics 802.11g wireless router, and averaged the results.

Measured distances included five feet away, ten feet away PLUS 6" of building drywall (reinforced with metal frames) and finally, 30 feet away plus obstacles including office cubicles, fluorescent lighting, and idle coworkers. Sounds idyllic, sure, but the combination of movement, interference from dozens of area networks and a nearby cafeteria (complete with signal-killing microwaves) are there to liven things up a bit. Most Wi-Fi connections in our office pass this test as "flaky" at best. We'll see how Gigabyte does.

We used SiSoft Sandra to measure signal throughput, adjusted the antenna as necessary to get the strongest connection (as determined by G-EzLink) and used 128-bit WEP encryption. Note that Sandra benchmark rate for a 54Mbps connection is 2800kBps, although SiSoft doesn't indicate signal distance.

Under Windows XP, the adapter is recognized (somewhat oddly) as a "802.11g WLAN + Pen Drive".

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