17 Wi-Fi Stocking Stuffers for Your iOS Device - Page 2

By Eric Geier

December 27, 2010

Whether you're looking to find a Wi-Fi hotspot, share files around your wireless network or discover nearby WLANs, our list of 17 great iOS apps will put your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to work.

File Transferring and Printing


This turns your iOS device into a Wi-Fi hard drive. Connect to a Wi-Fi network and bring up the app. Then you can browse and manage the files on your device via a web browser on any other device or computer connected to the same Wi-Fi network. Use it like a flash drive: take files on the go, share them with friends, or backup important documents.

The free version is ad-supported. The add-free version runs for $1.99.

Air Sharing

Like WiFi HD, this app turns your device into a Wi-Fi hard drive. In addition to being able to view and manage files via a Web browser, you can mount it as a drive in Windows, Mac or Linux for even easier access. It also lets you view and email documents, enable password protection of the remote access, and provide a public folder for guest access.

The Pro version gives you even more features. You can connect to your computer, mount online/remote file servers (Dropvox, MobileMe iDisk, and more), and perform advanced file operations.

Print n Share

Print n Share runs for $8.99 and lets you view, store, and print the files, emails, photos, contacts, calendar, and webpages on your iOS device. It also has an integrated email client, Wi-Fi hard drive, iDisk and WebDAV support, and remote storage support. You can print directly to most Wi-Fi-enabled printers and print to any printer with the free software that installs on the computer.


This app lets you easily transfer contacts, photos, videos, documents, and more between iOS devices and Mac OS X computers. Connect to the same Wi-Fi network or transfer via Bluetooth.

The free Mover Lite supports sending and receiving contacts and photos, and receiving videos, documents, text clippings, and bookmarks from users of Mover+ ($1.99). To send and receive all supported items, Mover+ is required on both devices.


Walkie Talkie

This simple, yet neat, app lets you talk between two iOS devices. Just connect to the same Wi-Fi network, open the app, and it will automatically connect the devices. Then just press the button to talk.


This makes your iOS device into a wireless media player or headphones. Install the free AudioServer onto a PC and then hear the music or audio from the PC (Windows Media Player, iTunes, etc) on your mobile device with the AudioIn app ($2.99). Plug in your headphones or into a stereo system.


The Line2 app lets you make calls and SMS texting over Wi-Fi or 3G, in addition to the cellular network from one new number. It features call waiting, hold, transfer, and conferencing. It also features live call switching between 3G and Wi-Fi. Try it free for 30 days and then it's $9.95 per month. It also works on iPod Touch and iPad.

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