Newbury Ships New Watchdog

By Eric Griffith

June 25, 2003

The purveyor of location-enabled networks continues to upgrade its security suite to add more bite -- such as not letting on intruders --to its bark of letting you pinpoint real-time security issues, in a product announcement at the 80211 Planet Conference and Expo.

BOSTON -- Newbury Networks today announced the 2.0 version of WiFi Watchdog, its location-based security software, at the 802.11 Planet Conference & Expo.

Newbury is known for products that run a "location enabled network" or LEN, including products like Digital Docent, which powers location-based information provision in venues like museums (it's in use in part of the Smithsonian). The company announced the first WiFi Watchdog at last December's 802.11 Planet Conference in Santa Clara, Calif.

The software, which is a J2EE server-based application that runs in conjunction with Newbury's LocaleSever and LocalePoint appliances, detects all the wireless nodes on a network and can identify rogues or intruders and instantly alert administrators. LocalePoints currently detect 802.11b/g signals; 11a support is coming.

Matthew Gray, CTO and founder of the company, calls the product's " extensive notifications and monitoring," its bark: "It detects everyone on or near the network, whether a rogue access point in your space, or a potentially threatening hijacking from outside. If the department across the street has an access point, you want to be aware of it so people don't send data out over an unencrypted network," says Gray.

The bite of the product comes from "not just wanting to know, but you want to do something about it," says Gray. With support for integrated RADIUS,/802.1x authentication and server proxies, the software prevents intruders from getting on at the network edge -- the access point level -- before they can do any damage.

WiFi Watchdog 2.0 costs $29,995; but a standard edition for smaller businesses goes for $9,995. It's available now.

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