Tasty 5-Layer Security for 802.11

By Matthew Peretz

March 20, 2002

Not for eating, but for your WLAN and Bluetooth networks.

Red-M, makers of the Genos middleware product for WLAN and Bluetooth integration, Monday announced that it is showcasing its 5-layer security solution at CTIA Wireless 2002 this week.

According to Red-M, this is the first 5-layer security solution, and as such provides multi-technology wireless security for enterprises and network operators. The company explained that most wireless security solutions only address the IP layer (layer 3 of the OSI Model) and above with functionality such as VPNs and firewalls. Red-M stated that its solution integrates this functionality with device and link layer security (layers 1 and 2) for 802.11 and Bluetooth networks.

The 5-layer security solution is designed to centralize network management, and enables management of multi-vendor access points without degrading security. It's features, the company said, prevent the addition of unauthorized APs to the WLAN, as well as denial of service attacks.

The Genos middleware solution itself was announced in September, 2001. The company stated that the solution supports all 802.11 WLAN standards and Bluetooth.

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