Ripe Fruits from PEAR Wireless

By Matthew Peretz

March 07, 2002

Several new products for Industrial, Healthcare, and Enterprise environments and some professional services deployment assistance.

PEAR Wireless Tuesday unveiled six new 802.11b-based WLAN products designed for use in the Industrial, Healthcare, and Enterprise environments.

Flexpoint(TM) Access Point - combines a wireless Ethernet access point and a high-performance omni-directional antenna that can be configured to specific directional patterns that concentrate the signal where it is needed. The RF pattern for is field-configurable by a VAR;

Industrial Wireless Access Point - an access point designed for industrial environments, with dust and waterproof housing and connectors. The access point offers easy installation with integrated Power over Ethernet and includes an integrated high performance, high gain directional antenna;

Industrial Wireless Client - dustproof with watertight housing and connectors for industrial environments, this wireless client provides connection to Ethernet-enabled industrial automation components. Enables wireless connection on a plant floor where CAT 5 cable cannot easily or economically reach;

High Performance USB - a USB adaptor for the enterprise environment with a built-in high gain directional antenna providing optimum signal strength. Easy to mount high on modular office furniture, the High Performance USB has a swivel mount with a magnetic base that allows for easy installation;

Bridge Access Point - a dual-function bridge and access point radio in a metal enclosure that can be plenum-mounted to meet city codes. The BAP provides a point-to-point bridge radio to join local area networks (LANs) over long distances and has built-in Power over Ethernet and power over cable to power most mounted bi-directional amplifiers;

Window Bridge - an easy-to-use, all-in-one bridge radio with antenna that can be mounted in the windows of buildings. The built-in high performance antenna is circularly polarized to reduce multi-path interference, enhancing overall performance. The bridge installs in minutes and can be plugged into available RJ45 ports to connect LANs in separate buildings. A set of window bridges can pay for itself in less than six months when used to replace T1 lines.

The company did not provide pricing information for these products but is displaying them at COMDEX Chicago through today.

PEAR Wireless also recently introduced its its SmartCart, a wireless mobile work cart with a high performance USB transceiver. The unit enables roaming between wireless access points without losing the network connection. It uses a dual element antenna system positioned high to obtain an unobstructed signal path, thus extending the effective range of connectivity. Simply set a laptop computer onto the PEAR Wireless SmartCart and plug the integrated USB cable into the USB port of the laptop. After the QuickStart software is installed, the SmartCarts wireless transceiver facilitates a complete, high performance mobile workstation. The PEAR Wireless SmartCart can be used with any 802.11b Wi-Fi compliant access point, although the best results can be obtained with any PEAR Wireless access point.

Pricing for the SmartCart begins at $1499.00. Optional modular batteries enable continuous operation to eight hours or more on a single charge. Additional accessories available include a laptop lock, cup holder, wire basket, and storage.

In a related announcement, PEAR Wireless announced that Signa Services will provide PEAR Wireless Value-Added Resellers (VARs) with WLAN project management expertise from concept to completion. Signa Services is a member of the Psion PLC Group of Companies and provides professional services to the wireless industry. Signa recently published a 'best practices' paper on WLAN deployments which can be found in the tutorial section of 802.11-Planet.

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