Companies Advance Audio/Video in 5 GHz

By Matthew Peretz

January 15, 2002

Technology encompasses 802.11a, HiperLAN2 and IEEE 1394 standards to enable high-definition home entertainment.

Magis Networks, an 802.11a chipset designer, announced yesterday that it has reached an agreement with Motorola, Inc.'s Broadband Communications Sector. Magis Networks recently tested and demonstrated HDTV over 802.11a at the Western Cable Show in November. Magis chipsets are designed to support TCP/IP and audio/video streaming.

The Magis Air5-based products, which will enable the Motorola products, support 802.11a, HiperLAN2, and IEEE 1394 standards. Motorola has stated that it will provide the technical support services , including the alignment of Magis' technology road maps and feature set direction, enabling continued interoperability between the companies' products. The goal of the joint effort, according to Magis, is to accelerate the adoption of Magis' 5 GHz WLAN technology as part of a broadband-cable home networking standard supporting media and entertainment services.

Motorola reported that it has made an investment in Magis Networks to help fund the continued development of the Magis chipsets. The companies also reported that they will co-market the products at industry events, and create joint advertising and promotion campaigns.

The Magis Air5 chipsets support up to 54 Mbps and multiple data/audio/video streams. A key feature of the Magis chipsets is that they meet the quality of service (QoS) requirements of HDTV broadcast-quality video, DVD, wireline voice, and CD-quality audio, according to the company. Magis also stated that its data throughput up to 40 Mbps is stable to up to 250 feet. The company also noted that its Air5 platform is standards-based and scalable.

Potential applications for Magis chipsets include home network devices like digital cable set-top boxes, Internet gateways, cable modems, PCs, satellite receivers, TVs, PVRs, DVD, Internet appliances and gaming consoles.

The Magis Network's Web site has information and white papers on the Air5 platform, including coverage of QoS and wireless standards.

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