PEAR Shaped WLAN Products Unveiled

By Matthew Peretz

November 14, 2001

Antenna designer rolls out 802.11b products branded as the PEAR Wireless product line - with a focus on RF technology for signal optimization

PEAR Wireless product group Galtronics, a developer and manufacturer of antennas for mobile devices, Monday launched its PEAR Wireless 802.11b solution at COMDEX 2001. Galtronics stated that it brings a unique design perspective to the development process due to the company's focus on RF (radio frequency) technology and problems surrounding interference and signal propogation.

Galtronics' Wireless Networking Group developed the PEAR Wireless product line for a range of environments including places like hospitals and manufacturing centers. Galtronics also stated that the product line is designed around a unique image -- the pear -- offering instant recognition of compatibility and aesthetic appeal.

The PEAR Wireless product set currently includes:

  • PEAR Wall Access Point - wall mounted AP with directional antenna
  • PEAR Ceiling Access Point - ceiling mounted AP with omni-directional antenna, reducing signal loss, adding security
  • PEAR Desktop Access Point - shaped in the image of a pear! It features a dual spatial diversity internal antenna
  • PEAR USB Adapter - similarly shaped with an internal antenna
  • PEAR PC Card - for use in a laptop

The PEAR Wireless products currently available include the Desktop Access Point, the USB Adapter, and PC Card, price at $299, $149.95, and $129.95 respectively. The Wall and Ceiling APs will be available in December for $659 and $695. PEAR Wireless products will be available through the line's VAR program and other mobile equipment suppliers. More information about each of the products is available at the PEAR Wireless Web site.

In a related announcement, Galtronics stated Monday that its PEAR Wireless product will use software from NetMotion Wireless, Inc. to enhance the security and roaming features of the product line for WLAN apps. PEAR Wireless products will ship with an eval copy of NetMotion Mobility 3.0 software, according to the companies.

NetMotion Mobility will enable network managers to enforce VPN security while continuing to provide wireless optimizations such as application persistence and link optimizations. The software also offers enhanced data security through a variety of encryption options, including AES (Rijndael), and uses InterNetwork Roaming technology to provide a continuous and secure connection within PEAR Wireless networks.

Matthew Peretz is Managing Editor of

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