Toshiba Unveils WLAN Security Implementation

By Matthew Peretz

November 09, 2001

Server architecture highlights incorporation 802.1x and Mobile IP to create secure, seamless mobile access to wired LAN

Toshiba Corporation today announced a solution that enhances security for WLAN users accessing a wired LAN. This setup would be typical of many office implementations of the combined network access architectures in which mobile users need access to the corporate LAN but security cannot be compromised in allowing such access.

Toshiba's solution utilizes their Magnia Z300, a server launched last July, and a LAN card to control WLAN access point (AP) functionality. It also includes Mobile IP, which is software for roaming across networks, and a software implementation of the IEEE 802.1x security standard. The former incorporates the IP Security Protocol (IPSec) into Mobile IP.

Toshiba explained that the basic package supports a maximum of 20 wireless clients, but is scalable as necessary. The use of Mobile IP negates the need for individual IP settings and is expected to facilitate simpler configuration and maintenance in the corporate environment.

Allied Business Intelligence recently predicted that the 2000 market of 4.9 million WLAN nodes will grow to 55.9 million nodes by 2006.

The solution will be shown at COMDEX in Las Vegas from Nov. 12th to the 16th. Toshiba anticipates worldwide availability in 2002 but did not provide a more specific timeline.

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