WLAN Compatible Commercial Wireless VPN Released

By allNetDevices Staff

October 02, 2001

Supports WLANs, GPRS, others

Swedish wireless data software vendor Columbitech said Tuesday that it has commercially released its virtual private network (VPN) for wireless systems.

The technology, which previously was in beta testing, enables users to access enterprise data securely. The company said it has tested the VPN system with diverse wireless technologies including wireless local area networks (WLANs), Bluetooth, CDMA, CDPD, GSM and GPRS.

In addition, the company a version for Pocket PC will be released for testing in December and will be available commercially in January.

The company touted its session-resume technology that means users don't have to log on again every time a signal is lost. In addition, its transaction recovery technology picks up downloads precisely where they left off before an interruption.

The system supports digital certificates and uses WTLS instead of IPSec, which is more widely used for VPNs. The company claims it chose WTLS because it was specifically developed for mobile usage.

The company provided no pricing information.

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