Wave Wireless Introduces 11-Mbps Wireless Products

By Wayne Kawamoto

November 29, 2000

New 2.4 GHz bridge/routers promise high throughput, easy inter-building connections.

Wave Wireless Networking recently announced its SPEEDLAN 3000 and 6000 products for the high-speed wireless bridging market. Using SPEEDLAN, network administrators and ISPs can link facilities—across the street or across town—without relying on leased lines from local telephone companies. According to the company, both products provide data rates that are up to five times faster than competing unlicensed wireless bridge products, and can transmit and receive data at distances up to 25 miles. .

SPEEDLAN products are broken into two separate lines: SPEEDLAN XE and SPEEDLAN MP. The XE is a multi-point, single-RF-port wireless bridge/router that is available in two models: the XE 3000 and XE 6000. The SPEEDLAN MP is a multi-point, multiple-RF-port wireless bridge/router that can support up to three radios in a single chassis and is available in two models: the MP 3000 and MP 6000.

The 3000 series products are based on 11 Mbps radios and offer throughput rates that are comparable with competing 802.11 products. The 6000 series products, also based on an 11 Mbps platform, support Wave's Campus PRC protocol to offer data rates that, according to Wave Wireless Networking, are the highest of any 11 Mbps product in the market.

All SPEEDLAN wireless bridges support both point-to-point connections and more complex point-to-multi-point operations. When configured as base stations, they support up to 16 remote locations. Up to 12 polling base stations may be co-located and provide a 132 Mbps multi-point base station solution. The products also come with MAC layer filtering, IP Routing, data encryption, and SNMP management.

SPEEDLAN products are compatible with IEEE 802.3 and 802.2 LAN devices, and all computer platforms and operating systems, and are transparent to the network operating system. All work across the FCC license-free 2.4GHz frequency band, which provides up to 11 Mbps of bandwidth, and utilize Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum (DSSS) technology.

The SPEEDLAN XE 3000 and 6000 are priced at $2,300 and $3,100, respectively. The SPEEDLAN MP 3000 costs $2,700; the MP 6000 $3,500.

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