Wi-Fi Positioning System Powers Sherpa Locationing

By Naomi Graychase

August 25, 2009

Skyhook Wireless has partnered with Geodelic, developer of the new Android mobile application Sherpa, to provide Wi-Fi-based locationing for the free app.

Skyhook Wireless, known for its Wi-Fi Positioning System (WPS) and its hybrid positioning system (XPS), continues to quietly expand its user base. The company announced Tuesday a partnership with Geodelic, developer of the new Android mobile application, Sherpa.

Sherpa, which allows users to locate relevant information based on behavior recognition, a recommendation engine, and location-relevant information, was developed specifically for T-Mobile's myTouch 3G with Google. The app teaches itself what its owner likes based on behavior and user feedback, so it can prioritize the retailers, restaurants, and attractions it recommends. Geodelic also allows businesses (or brands) to create customized mobile content, such as promotions tied to their locations.

“Skyhook offers a major enhancement to the application’s location awareness,” said Rahul Sonnad, CEO and founder at Geodelic in a Skyhook press release Tuesday. “This allows Geodelic to more accurately target content for a user, whether they are in a mall or walking down the street. We developed Sherpa to give users a customized experience based on their location and interests. Skyhook provides the location performance that our application demands.”

Skyhook's unique hybrid positioning system incorporates Wi-Fi and cellular towers to more accurately and consistently achieve locationing, even in tricky spots, such as inside buildings or dense urban areas. The technology is licensed by Apple for use with Google Maps in iPhone and iPod touch; AOL uses it in its AOL Instant Messenger (AIM); major chipmakers including SiRF, CSR, and Broadcom integrate the Skyhook technology into chipsets; and Eye-Fi uses Skyhook technology to provide Wi-Fi-based geotagging capabilities for the Eye-Fi Explore.

Sherpa can be downloaded for free via the Android Marketplace. Skyhook Wireless offers a publicly available SDK for Android developers, available here.

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Naomi Graychase is Managing Editor at Wi-Fi Planet. Read her review of the T-Mobile Dash 3G here.

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