Hotspot Hits: LeMans Karting Now Has Surfing

By Eric Griffith

April 09, 2007

Why just race high-speed go-karts when you can also go online?

Wi-Fi is everywhere, even at the races. Of course, that usually means big race tracks, but the smaller tracks the rest of us can race on are going wireless, too. For example, LeMans Karting in Fremont, California has installed a Wi-Fi mesh network.

The company describes their Silicon Valley track as a European-style indoor kart-racing facility with 32,000 square feet plus event space like a corporate conference room and some outdoor facilities -- which all sounds cool, but real tech-heads will have to try Web surfing while on a 40 mile per hour go-kart...

The equipment used is the dual-radio MeshAP 1100 unit from Arrowspan -- they only needed three of them for the coverage.

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