Hotspot Hits: Georgia Bulldogs Go Wireless

By Eric Griffith

March 21, 2007

The University of Georgia's Athletic Association installs Extricom gear.

The University of Georgia Athletic Association (UGAAA) will soon have wireless throughout its athletics facilities. This will initially benefit the press as they visit for the NCAA Championships in May, held in the Dan Magill Tennis Complex. Also getting unwired is the 120,000 square foot practice annex called the Coliseum Training Facility, which will be used by basketball players and gymnasts alike -- it's also where the coaches will have their offices. That facility is still under construction. In the future, coverage will be extended to the Sanford Stadium, Stegeman Coliseum and Foley Field, for football, basketball and baseball, respectively.

The network equipment of choice is from Extricom, which uses a "channel blanket" topology allowing all the APs to use the same channel without causing interference. It was installed by integrator Venture NetComm.

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