New Edgy Tropos Mesh OS

By Eric Griffith

March 08, 2007

Software updates put new services on the edge of the network and make it easier for users to connect.

Tropos Networks this week announced a new version of its MetroMesh operating system software, along with a deal with Devicescape designed to make it easier for users to connect to their metro-scale networks.

MetroMesh version 6.0 adds three new components. Foremost is the Mesh Edge Service Management (MESM), to be embedded in every MetroMesh router they sell. The tech will give providers the ability to "add services on the edge [of the network]," says Saar Gillai, vice president of engineering and product management at Tropos. "We're adding traffic management to allow providers to put different types of polices in place, in terms of user traffic and other behaviors at the edge." It'll do everything from limiting use to restricting or blacklisting users who are hogs or have viruses on their systems. It'll also give more bandwidth to users who pay for premium services.

Tropos nodes will now support the Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) , which shunts the knowledge of how a user is roaming to the core routers on the network, instead of making the edge nodes figure out where you are.

Finally, operation templates will come preconfigured to support different types of parameters a provider may encounter. "There's different templates for different deployments," says Gillai. "Users can still change anything manually, but this gives them a quick start." Different areas of a network can use different templates -- for example, a park might need a completely different set of parameters than a downtown urban area; they can be mixed and matched on the same Tropos mesh.

As with other upgrades to MetroMesh OS, this one will come with new routers, and is a no-cost upgrade to customers with a valid support contract.

What about easier connection? Tropos is now in a partnership with Devicescape to support the latter's system for fast and simple connection to the network. Users who download and install the Devicescape software for their Wi-Fi devices can set up an account online with Devicescape to store their credentials for signing onto a Tropos based network (or networks, if they are, for example, an EarthLink customer) and will be automatically signed in. Devicescape's software also works with about 45 other providers, including T-Mobile and FON, and runs on Windows, Windows Mobile, the Nokia tablets, and the Linksys WIP-300 VoIP phone.

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