Strix's Modular Generation

By Eric Griffith

April 18, 2006

The company's latest modular mesh equipment is coupled with a new 'dynamic architecture' to provide higher capacity and increased scalability.

Strix Systems of Calabasas, California has come a long way from its early, little stackable boxes used to provide indoor wireless mesh networks. The company moved into metropolitan-class equipment with its Outdoor Wireless System (OWS) and says its latest generation has the highest capacity yet, which is no surprise since the Access/One OWS 2400-30 unit can hold up to six radios inside — including future WiMax radios.

The new hardware is 30 percent smaller than previous units, and pushes the number of concurrent users per node up to 768. It's available now, and will be backward-compatible with previous Strix equipment. The new Strix software (version 3.0) is a free upgrade for any current user.

Key to the new capabilities of the 2400-30 is the Strix Dynamic Mesh Architecture (DMA) software, which handles all the self-configuration of the hardware to find the fastest route for traffic, and supports user roaming via a new fast re-route capability Strix developed. Decisions on network traffic routing are made on the node, not centrally, to keep things moving fast. As for roaming, Strix says even nodes moving as fast as 200 miles per hour are included in the signal path optimization.

The company's High Performance Modular Architecture (HPMA) makes sure the hardware can work with any and all radio standards, from Wi-Fi (802.11a/b/g and even 11j in Japan) to WiMax (including mobile 802.16e) to 4.9GHz, for both client connections and signal backhaul. Plug in the right radio, and the hardware configures itself on the fly to work with that technology in the environment where it is deployed. The equipment comes sans antennas, as the company says integrators and carriers usually want to provide their own, depending on the type of coverage they want.

Strix is a preferred vendor of MobilePro/NeoReach, and as such, provides the hardware in use in the network for WazTempe in Arizona (and other cities in that state). MobilePro is also set to unwire Sacramento, California using Strix equipment.

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