BelAir Launches New Partner Program

By Eric Griffith

January 26, 2005

The mesh networking hardware provider hopes to make its technology even more enticing by working with established companies like Nomadix and Airpath.

This week, Canadian company BelAir Networks announced a Complementary Solutions Partner Program that will make sure the company's mesh-enabled wireless hardware works with the hardware and software of others.

Initial partners in the program are Nomadix of Newbury Park, Calif., which makes Wi-Fi access gateways for businesses and public access; and Airpath of Waltham, Mass., which offers a hosted back-end Operations Support System (OSS) for hotspots via its WiBOSS platform.

"This is just building a more complete solution by layering products," says Phil Belanger, vice president of marketing at BelAir. "We've certified [for interoperability] in both directions—we do theirs, they do ours."

For example, companies considering using the BelAir products can now easily turn on the WiBOSS platform to get their network online for hotspot use without needing to reconfigure BelAir equipment.

"In that case, it's pretty compelling, because [Airpath] appeals to customers without their own IT staff," Belanger says.

BelAir's modular switch routers (both the four-radio BelAir200 and the two-radio BelAir100) that operate on the back-end of the mesh topology will work with any Nomadix gateways running the Nomadix Service Engine. In fact, this setup is already in place at one announced customer, the 40-acre Costanoa Coastal Lodge and Camp in Northern California.

The partners will also work together on cross-marketing and sales.

BelAir last week announced a deal with Lucent Technologies , where Lucent used mesh equipment to unwire the Dutch side of the Caribbean island of Saint Martin with the Sint Maarten International Telecommunications Services Limited (SMITCOMS). That deployment, which for now covers a downtown and beach boardwalk, could eventually provide access to the entire 37 square miles of the island if expanded.

BelAir expects to announce more partners over the coming months.

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