VeriWave Announces Conformance Test Suite

By Ted Stevenson

November 01, 2004

WLAN testing-equipment vendor VeriWave has worked with the University of New Hampshire's InterOperability Lab to create a suite of tests that let chip developers and hardware designers run accurate tests quickly and easily.

Back in May of this year (2004), we wrote about the release of the debut product of Portland, Oregon-based VeriWave, Inc.—the WaveTest Traffic Generator/Performance Analyzer, a WLAN performance analysis tool.

Today, VeriWave announces a suite of automated conformance tests that run on the WaveTest. And like the testing device, it bears an impressive moniker: The Univesity of New Hampshire-InterOperability Lab (or UNH-IOL) 802.11 Conformance Test Suite. The collective suite, in turn, consists of a Client UNH-IOL 802.11 Conformance Test Suite (for testing drivers for client devices such as smartphones, PDAs, and NICs) and an Access Point UNH-IOL 802.11 Conformance Test Suite.

Note that, as emphasized above, these testing procedures analyze product conformance—the adherence of a device to protocol sequences as defined in the standard—rather than performance. "The WaveTest does both types of testing," says VeriWave VP of Marketing, Eran Karoly.

In conformance testing, the WaveTest is also able to function in the role of either access point or client. "In client testing, the WaveTest emulates the access point," says Karoly. "With the AP test, the WaveTest emulates the client device."

The Conformance Test Suite, an implementation of the University of New Hampshire InterOperability Laboratory's 802.11 Base MAC Conformance Test Suite, is part of an expanding library of "pre-written and pre-qualified tests that run on the WaveTest," according to Karoly.

Designed for use by WLAN chipset developers and system developers, the Conformance Test Suites can be used in a variety of applications, including device and system design, qualification, validation, and QA testing.

"The complete and precise control of 802.11 frames, as well as the timing accuracy and logging capabilities facilitated by the WaveTest, has allowed UNH-IOL to automate current tests and develop more complete tests than were possible before," adds Gerard Goubert, manager for Wireless, Bridging and Voice Consortiums at UNH-IOL. The bottom line is more accurate testing that is easy to set up.

Karoly told Wi-Fi Planet that the Suites are already in use by a major chip designer/vendor and by a major access point vendor.

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