AirWave's Team Ups

By Eric Griffith

September 27, 2004

The WLAN management provider will be working with the AirMagnet IDS system and will be the featured software running networks installed by HP ProCurve—including at HP itself.

San Mateo, Calif.-based AirWave Wireless is making partnerships that will help make it the face of management on many a wireless network. Last week the company said it would be integrating with the intrusion detection system of AirMagnet, and this week announced a deal that will make it the "preferred partner" for management with HP's ProCurve Networking division.

HP intends to 'eat its own wireless dog food,' as well. Airwave's COO Greg Murphy says the management system will have "full integration for the ProCurve line—and the AirWave solution will be used by the interal IP group at HP for their applications." HP's thousands of access points on multiple continents will be controlled by AirWave.

The AirWave system, which handles equipment from multiple vendors on a single wireless LAN, integrates with HP's own OpenView software, which is used by many enterprises to control their wired networks. The AirWave software plugs into the OpenView manager so that all network access points are represented in the same interface.

"People aren't as familiar with ProCurve as they should be," says Murphy, "but it's number two or three in Ethernet ports serviced. So, wireless is important to them. And it's a big opportunity for us."

While HP will be selling the AirWave system, Murphy says his company will not give up its own marketing and sales efforts, by any means. They'll continue to go after VARs and system integrators. Still, he acknowledges that the partnership route with other vendors is a big part of the company's future.

The AirMagnet deal is one such move. AirWave will integrate with the AirMagnet Distributed intrusion detection system (IDS) through a newly written API. Information from the IDS will be passed to the management software so that immediate action can be undertaken.

The example we cite is that if an access point detects a denial of service attack, through the AP, you can use AirWave to shut down that segment of the network until things are isolated," says Murphy. "It's immediate corrective action."

Murphy says the API will also mean that future integation with other IDS system makers will be easy.

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