Siemen's Combines Wi-Fi, DSL, and HomePlug

By Wi-Fi Planet Staff

July 07, 2003

A new family of DSL gateway products from Efficient Networks will let homes create an instant network using 802.11g or existing powerlines -- or both.

Efficient Networks , a division of Siemens , today announced a new line of SpeedStream-branded gateways that incorporate not only the modem for a digital subscriber line (DSL) connection, but also include an 802.11g access point as well a model with 802.11g and HomePlug-based powerline networking.

The new product line, which is geared toward ISPs who would then provide them to DSL customers, consists of three units: the SpeedStream 6200 Wireless-Ready DSL Gateway has a five-port 10/100 Ethernet switch and can support Wi-Fi when an 802.11g PC Card is plugged in; the SpeedStream 6300 Wireless DSL Gateway comes with the 11g built in; and the SpeedStream 6400 Powerline/Wireless DSL Gateway has the Ethernet, Wi-Fi and powerline-support all on board. The company has previous offered router products combining the wireless, Ethernet and powerline direct to consumers, but without the built in DSL modem.

Each version of the SpeedStream DSL Gateway comes with embedded software called ControlNet, which is actually controlled by the DSL service provider, to allow them to offer extended services to consumers. It can handle things like content filtering (controlled by the parent in the household), monitoring of Web sites, and time-based access controls (such as preventing teens from getting online until parents get home from work). ControlNet features can be branded and customized by service providers who would offer the gateways to customers.

Each unit can serve as the DSL modem used by the family, or existing customers can take advantage of the integrated WAN/LAN port with the DSL modem they've already got, to get the full gamut of ControlNet features.

The company release on these products says the SpeedStream 6200 and 6300 are shipping now, but no pricing was provided.

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