802.11 Planet RSS Feed Goes Live

By Wi-Fi Planet Staff

May 21, 2003

802.11 Planet has added an RSS feed that shuttles links to newsreaders and aggregators to make it easier to syndicate our regularly updated stories on the world of Wi-Fi.

Those early adopters in the know have embraced RSS, or Rich Site Summary as a method of gathering and reading syndicated content from blogs and news sites. Now you can add 802.11 Planet to your list of RSS content providers.

Our RSS Feed, which allows software newsreaders and aggregators to pull in our regularly updated stories, is now live. Users can get our latest headlines on Wi-Fi news without coming directly to the 802.11 Planet Web page first.

You can read an online description of RSS Feed uses at SearchEngineWatch. Several popular RSS newsreaders are available, including Feedreader and NewzCrawler for Windows; AmphetaDesk and Radio Userland which are multi-platform or NetNewsWire on the Macintosh.

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