Meetinghouse Meets PocketPC

By Eric Griffith

February 26, 2003

The 802.1X security provider has announced a version of its AEGIS client software for PocketPC 2002 handhelds.

Meetinghouse Data Communications of Portsmouth, NH, which recently began licensing its 802.1X AEGIS API (application programming interface) to anyone wanting to make an 802.1X authentication supplicant (client) program, hasn't stopped making its own. The company announced today a version of it's AEGIS Client to run on Pocket PC 2002.

The software runs all the regularly used extensible authentication protocols (EAP) including MD5, TLS, TTLS, LEAP (from Cisco) and PEAP. Users of AEGIS clients can connect to a variety of RADIUS servers including those from Meetinghouse, its competitor Funk Software, as well as Cisco and Microsoft.

Users of the AEGIS client for the PocketPC will need a Wi-Fi card that supports 802.1X, such as the Compact Flash card released by Socket Communications last year. Socket also provided an 802.1X client, but the EAP support was limited to TLS and PEAP.

The beta of the AEGIS PocketPC Client is out now, and the final version will be commercially available in April for $39.95 each, or less with volume orders.

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