Vivato Displays Indoor Switch

By Eric Griffith

February 17, 2003

The company has taken off the wraps on its first product, the indoor version using Wi-Fi switch technology that it says can minimize wires by provide the same coverage of multiple access points.

This past weekend at the DEMO 2003 show in Scottsdale, AZ, Vivato took the wraps off its first product, the $8,995 (MSRP) Vivato 2.4 GHz Indoor Wi-Fi Switch.

The product provides a 300 meter range, covering all Wi-Fi clients in that area, negating need for several access points to cover a building floor. The unit is a large flat panel that mounts on a wall and can be disguised to fit in with an office's surroundings.

As more and more companies like Symbol, Proxim, Aruba Networks and others announce products they say use "switching" for WLANs, Vivato has been quite vocal about how it considers its product the only true Wi-Fi switch.

Phil Belanger, vice president of marketing for the company, says the reason is the "tech aspect...a Wi-Fi switch should have multiple parallel operations of Wi-Fi, multiple streams of Wi-Fi coming out. That allows you to scale the performance, much like Ethernet going from a hub to a switch, so every port has its own 10 Megabit Ethernet. We allow multiple streams and can scale up the capacity."

The Vivato switch uses PacketSteering technology to change the shape of its antenna signals into narrow beams, each at about nine degrees. The beams get Wi-Fi signals on a packet-by-packet basis, minimizing interference. The product supports 802.1X authentication, VPNs and virtual LANs <DEFINE: VLAN>. WEP and TKIP are also supported, and the product will be upgradable to 802.11i standard when it's finalized later this year.

The Vivato 2.4 GHz Indoor Wi-Fi Switch is expected to be available through Vivato's parter VARs <DEFINE: VAR> in May. Later this year, Vivato plans to ship an outdoor version.

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