iPass Upgrades Client for PDAs, Macs

By Eric Griffith

February 03, 2003

iPass's latest client for the PocketPC is Wi-Fi specific. Plus, iPassConnect is now available for Macs running the Jaguar MacOS.

iPass of Redwood Shores, Calif., today announced new versions of its smart client software, iPassConnect, for personal digital assistants (PDAs) running the PocketPC 2002 operating system, and Macintosh computers running MacOS X and 10.2, also known by the codename of Jaguar.

iPassConnect 2.0 is for PocketPC 2002, and is the first client iPass has made that is Wi-Fi only. According to Jon Russo, vice president of marketing at iPass, "We condensed the functionality to focus on the Wi-Fi. [iPass] Dial -up is not an option for PocketPC 2002."

By concentrating on the wireless aspect only, the client has a smaller disk space need and, thus, a smaller download size: "Instead of a two or three megabyte file, it's a 600KB file," according to Russo.

The client still supports iPass Global Broadband Roaming, which allows clients to roam on associated networks, and updates to its Internet phonebook. It also has built-in interoperability with Certicom's movianVPN, the virtual private network (VPN) software which targets end-to-end security in PDAs.

iPass has also upgraded its MacOS X client to 2.3, which now adds support for the Jaguar release (10.2 on up). iPassConnect was previously available for MacOS 9.2 or earlier as well as OS X. Like the Windows version, the Mac client supports both wireless and wired connections on iPass networks.

In October 2002, the company upgraded the Windows iPassConnect client to 2.3, and converted to a "per-minute" billing model instead of charging a flat rate per 24-hour period.

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