PCTEL Partners for Roaming - Page 2

By Eric Griffith

August 27, 2002

In separate announcements this week, wireless access solutions provider PCTEL of Milpitas, CA, has said it will be providing its Wi-Fi Roaming Client software with future Wireless CDMA 1X and GPRS Merlin PC Card modems from Novatel and later this year with GoAmerica's new wide area network (WAN) data service.

PCTEL's software is architected to work with any 2.5G network or Wi-Fi network that it can detect -- that is, any wireless LAN with a publicly broadcast SSID.

"CDMA and GPRS networks were setup for voice services," explains Biju Nair, Vice President and General Manager, Wireless Software Product Development at PCTEL. "Overlaying data has been successful but it hasn't been tested with a large number of users. Cellular providers have a lot of customers -- the problem they'll have is reduced capacity and voice users getting bumped. "Our software will allow customers on a [cellular] W

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