Assume the Positioning System

By Eric Griffith

September 26, 2002

Ekahau is shipping the latest version of its positioning engine for wireless networks which tracks 802.11 devices on multiple floors with one meter accuracy.

Finnish company Ekahau is currently demonstrating the Ekahau Positioning Engine (EPE) 2.0.

EPE requires no specialized hardware to work; it's a Java 2 software component that runs in Windows NT/2000/XP, plus WinCE 3.0 and Pocket PC 2002 and can pinpoint an 802.11 device to within 3.5 feet (1 meter).

The 2.0 version, which will go on sale September 30 at a price of $595, now includes a Rail Tracking feature to improve the navigation features and prevent errors caused by signals going through walls. It also can do multi-floor tracking of WLAN devices in real time on multiple floors, even in high-rise buildings. The software can track hundreds of devices per second.

In May, Agere Systems said it would be building location awareness into all of it's 802.11 products, using technology from Ekahau. A free evaluation version of the EPE is available at Ekahau's Web site.

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