ReefEdge Embraces SOHO

By Eric Griffith

June 11, 2002

The security provider is announcing a major Wi-Fi deployment for the USENIX conference, and will use the opportunity to push a new low-end family of security products

PHILADELPHIA, PA -- ReefEdge of Fort Lee, NJ, exhibiting here at the 802.11 Planet Conference & Expo, recently announce a free Wi-Fi security solution for SOHOs called, in keeping with the nautical theme, Dolphin 1.0.

"While we have an ideal product for big enterprise, the little guys are being left out. Our interest is in making it available for free." says the company's VP of Engineering, Rich Neves. "People can download and install [Dolphin] on any minimum-486 class machine for personal (non-business) use."

The software downloads as a bootable CDROM image. The install system requires two Ethernet ports, 64MB RAM, and 64MB IDE disk. Dolphin turns the computer into an instant security gateway, forcing systems to authenticate with the WLAN via SSL-based login. Clients using BSD, Windows, or Linux connect using Layer 3 security (3DES IPSec); ReefEdge will supply the necessary scripts for login. There can be different rules for guest users. The product will be available in July; the only support will be via online bulletin board run by the company.

ReefEdge also announced today that it will be setting up the wireless network to support the 2002 USENIX Annual Technical Conference in Monterey, CA on June 10-15. This deployment will take advantage of the company's existing products ("We're a software company but we package our products in boxes for security, authentication, access control," says Neves) including the Connect Server series for centralized management.

USENIX, to be held in the Monterey Conference Center, is a highly technical gathering where papers and tutorials are presented by top schools. It's also a perfect testing ground for ReefEdge security.

"The crowd tries to hack the speakers notebook as they're speaking," says Neves. "So they wanted a scalable solution -- they have more and more access points each year, expected 500 concurrent users, probably more this year. I expect the ratio of wireless users to go up. The picked us for security and scalability.

"They have servers they run to keep the show going, for registration, etcetera, and they didn't want them susceptible. The security policies we're setting through our management GUI will only allow people to the Internet."

As part of the conference setup, ReefEdge will offer a login page for all users that will point to an area of called the Tech Zone, which will feature information on the free Dolphin 1.0 and the future higher-end versions.

"We want people to get experience with our products -- Dolphin Personal Edition (PE) -- but we'll also offer a for-money version with more features and support," says Neves. 2002 USENIX Annual Technical Conference

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