New Wireless Gateways with USB, Ethernet

By Eric Griffith

May 30, 2002

Westell Technologies' new line of gateway products will combine Ethernet, USB and 802.11b-based Internet sharing in one box.

Broadband access company Westell Technologies of Aurora, Illinois, has announced development of a new line of Internet gateways suitable for SOHO and residential networks.

Westell's new gateway line will include the Model 2400 ADSL Gateway, Model 2410 ADSL Gateway, and the Model 2600 G.SHDSL Gateway (for symmetrical data connections up to 2.3Mbps up and down). The 2400 includes only a 4-Port Ethernet switch and USB; the latter two add 802.11b networking via an expansion slot. Each product will have a built in stateful packet inspection (SPI) firewall for security.

Pricing is not set yet, as the gateways will not be available until September.

For those who like products made in America, Westell is building the line in its factory in Aurora.

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