Wi-Fi Helps in Storm Detection and Recovery

By Wi-Fi Planet Staff

February 06, 2008

Wi-Fi could play an important role in rescue and recovery efforts in the South, which was hard-hit by tornadoes last night.

Next month, we’ll feature an in-depth look at the many ways in which Wi-Fi is assisting in all manner of disaster recovery efforts worldwide. In the wake of last night’s terrible tornado damage across the South--which as of this morning has left 48 dead in Tennessee, Alabama, Arkansas, and Kentucky--we have collected stories from our archives, which describe Wi-Fi’s role in detecting and recovering from tornadoes and other natural disasters.

Xirrus Comes to Aid of Tornado-ravaged Town, by Gerry Blackwell. October 4, 2007. Xirrus, donated labor and consulting, and gave a tornado-ravaged school district a healthy discount on equipment.

The Wi-Fi Tornado Trackers, by Naomi Graychase. July 8, 2005. Volunteers use Wi-Fi to help spot tornadoes before they hit towns.

3G & Wi-Fi Help Rebuild, by Naomi Graychase. May 19, 2006. Burners Without Borders uses Wi-Fi to help re-build after Hurricane Katrina.

Wi-Fi to the Rescue, by Jeff Goldman. November 1, 2007. The wildfires throughout Southern California this fall served as a stark reminder of the value of advanced wireless applications for public safety. From remote monitoring of fire conditions to streaming video in police cars, Wi-Fi has proven exceptionally useful for municipal public safety deployments.

Only You (and Wi-Fi) Can Prevent Forest Fires, by Naomi Graychase. October 31, 2007. A new wireless fire detection system helps to locate wildfires before they can spread.

Schools Incorporate Wi-Fi into Disaster-Response Plans, by Amy Mayer.  January 21, 2008. A California school district creates a disaster-response system that includes Wi-Fi and serves the entire community.

Free Wi-Fi Aids New Orleans Recovery, by Sharon Gaudin. May 5, 2006. Wi-Fi technology is helping aid workers and residents of hurricane-ravaged New Orleans get the city back on its feet.

FCC: IP Vital For Emergency Communications, by Roy Mark. September 23, 2005. When traditional systems fail, IP-based technologies will enable service providers to more quickly restore service and provide the flexibility to initiate service at new locations.

Wireless to the Rescue, By Eric Griffith.  September 6, 2005. For a week, it seemed no one could communicate out of the city of New Orleans, Louisiana. This week, on the communications front at least, things are looking up.

 Stories compiled by Naomi Graychase, Managing Editor for Wi-FiPlanet.

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