iPhone Hysteria - Page 3

By John Welch

June 05, 2007

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Another issue the SD fans gloss over is that the Palm OS is simply horrible about SD usage, and Windows Mobile, at least up through 5 isn't much better. The Palm OS rarely gives you much options about where to install applications or even store data, and with Windows Mobile, you have to manually tell each application to store data on the SD card, and when you install a new application, that's a manual selection too. Better than the Palm, but Windows Mobile needs a "Always default to the largest free memory storage" option. (It may do that in WM 6, I don't have a WM 6 phone, so I can't say.)

Finally, the keyboard issue. If you believe Ballmer, the world requires a hard keyboard and buttons. Well, having dealt with the "sized for a baby's pinky" on-screen controls on my 6700 and my (slightly better) 6601, I can see why he says that. Seriously, the only thing the 6601 does right are the phone buttons. Nice and big. Manually dialing the 6700 without a stylus? Either takes 4 tries, or I use the manual keyboard which, thanks to the lack of a number pad, makes dialing suck there too. The 6601 has the worse keyboard, but because the on-screen options are good, I use it less. On the 6700? Stylus or slide-out keyboard. Dealing with things like call-waiting et al. on either are torturous. Maybe if Microsoft designed the Windows Mobile UI for adult-sized fingers, it wouldn't need so many fixed buttons.

But again, the iPhone is still, for all real-world purposes, vaporware, and the people predicting massive success or utter failure for it are simply trying to stoke the well-known knee-jerk tendencies of the Mac user population into jacking their hit counts. I know that "wait and see, then decide" isn't popular, but can we try to keep the doom and angels noise down at least a little?

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